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Skyrocket Your Profitability

Time is money. Get help optimizing your operations and profitability by eliminating wasted resources and finetuning strategies for dialed-up revenues and easy profits

Streamline Your Financial Landscape

Tired of the hieroglyphic mysteries in your financial reports? Skip the overwhelm with crystal-clear insights and tailored solutions that drive you to smart business decisions

Work with Industry Experts

Work with experts who know the restoration industry inside out. Tap into our wealth of knowledge for actionable insights and tailored solutions that drive your success

OnTrack Financial turned my $2 million revenue into nearly $7 million, thanks to our average job value increasing from $1,900 to over $5,000

Joseph McCann

CEO | SERVPRO of Pasadenac

Unleash the Full Profit Potential of Your Restoration Business

At OnTrack Financial, our mission is to maximize the profits of restoration businesses like yours by 20% – or more. Our financial wizards combine their know-how with the latest solutions to wipe out your business’ hidden profit leaks and deliver transformative strategies that deliver you the success you deserve.

What Could Your Business Achieve with an Extra 20% in Pure Profits?

  • NO MORE PROFIT LEAKS: We crush inefficiency and plug leaks while seeking out hidden revenue streams so your business’ profitability can soar
  • NO MORE PAPERWORK: We take care of your financial chores so you can put all your energy into growing an awesome business
  • NO MORE STRESS: Kiss goodbye to late notices, penalties, and the tossing and turning of sleepless nights over missed payments
  • NO MORE WASTED TIME: We analyze your finances and monitor your performances and deliver data-driven business strategies
  • NO MORE INSTABILITY: Get the peace of mind you deserve with a restoration business that is performing well and has a rock-solid financial outlook
  • NO MORE LOST LIFE: Reclaim your precious family time and regain control of your work-life balance so you can enjoy the fruit of your success

Are You Ready to Start Hitting 20% or More In Profits without Breaking a Sweat?
OnTrack Financial deliver the prosperity and success that you dream of. Partner with us today. It’s time to take back control of your restoration business financials and start growing!

“After partnering with OnTrack Financial, our water restoration job average skyrocketed from $2,700 to $6,500”

Juan Araya

CEO | SERVPRO of North Vista

Our job average has increased by over $2K, resulting in an additional $2 million in revenue this year alone.

Miguel Gutierrez

CEO | 24/7 Property Recovery


Smart decisions are easy when they’re backed by data from crystal-clear financial information updated daily. Our experts deliver monthly easy-to-understand financial reports that give you a clear view of your financial health – and how to improve it.

Partner with Us: Get OnTrack to Maximizing Your Profits the Easy Way


Access up-to-date financial information to make informed decisions swiftly. Our team enters and categorizes credit and debit transactions on a daily basis. We provide concise and user-friendly reports that offer a clear snapshot of your company’s financial health.


Keep your cash flow in rude health with our powerful, automated accounts receivables process, proven to improve cash flow by over 25% for restoration contractors. Save time, take profits, and relax as your business grows.


Leave the hassle of payables and expenses in the past as OnTrack’s team manages your daily accounts payables for you. Focus on growing your business and profitability while our team takes care of the bills for you.

“With OnTrack’s help, we slashed labor costs from 35% to below 20%, saving us over $350K annually—enabling growth and expansion!”

James Thompson

CEO | SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley

Profit has soared from 8% to 25% within just three months!

Christy Moore

CEO | AllPhase Restoration & Reconstruction


Elevate the performance of your crew chiefs with detailed weekly and monthly reports that showcase averages and revenue generation. Our reports make it easy to compare your teams’ performance against industry standards. This priceless data helps our clients to increase production by an average of $30,000 a month.


Put your marketing effectiveness on steroids! The profit is in the details, and our expert weekly report on your marketing efforts means you can optimize your marketing spend to increase your leads by an impressive 28% on average.


Gain incredible insight into all business areas with monthly job averages reports that break down performance metrics for key areas in your operations. Identify opportunities for improvement and growth with a strategic approach that can boost your job average by $1,000 a job.


Stay on top of your collection’s percentages and total receivables with powerful weekly reports that drive your receivables to increase by an average of 25%. Shine a light on cash flow issues and identify problem spots in performance for effective troubleshooting.

“OnTrack Financial has been the driving force behind our remarkable revenue increase. Their data-driven approach and industry expertise have transformed our business, allowing us to set and achieve new milestones.”

Derek Shaw

CEO | SERVPRO Dallas/Fort Worth

By closely tracking each individual financial performance, our expenses have decreased by an impressive 30%.

Tony Bertuzzi

CEO | TB Fire & Water Restoration


Don’t settle for ordinary profits… when you can enjoy extraordinary profits! Kiss profit leaks goodbye. Become a financial wizard and maximize your restoration business’ full profit potential by partnering with OnTrack Financial to access a world of expert advice and simplify complex financial data into profitable, data-driven tasks.

It’s time to unlock the secrets hidden in your financial data. Start identifying lucrative cost-cutting sweet spots and developing powerful strategies that propel your profits with explosive sales boosts!

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