Dental Bookkeeping and Accounting

Questions to Ask When Outsourcing Your Dental Accounting

So, you’ve decided that the best course of action for your practice is to hire a dental accounting service and dental bookkeeping service. You’ve made the best decision for the financial health of your practice, as long as you make sure you have the right firm servicing your practice. A professional should have many insights to help your business, but the wrong dental accountant or dental bookkeeper could wind up costing you more than they save you. When looking for firms in and around San Diego, keep these questions in mind.

Have They Worked With a Dental Practice Before?

This isn’t a make it or break it factor, but it’s information worth having and worth having early in the decision making process. A dental bookkeeper that has experience in your particular field of business will have the inside track on how you work and what perks they can give you that are unique to dental practices. Those who aren’t experienced with dental practices don’t have to be eliminated from the list, but they should lose some points for it.

Are They Licensed?

This really is a make it or break it question. Just because a business touts themselves as a dental accounting service or dental bookkeeping service doesn’t mean that they are official, no matter how much experience they have. Those who are licensed as IRS Enrolled Agents will give you the best and most accurate advice and service that absolutely must abide by IRS regulations. You always want to be on the good side of the IRS, so be sure that anyone you bring in to touch your financials is an Enrolled Agent.

Do They do Tax Preparations?

It makes sense to assume that anyone who works with business financial information is willing and able to provide tax preparation services, but not every accountant does. Many are aware of the tax code and preparation practices, and some do a little bit here and there, but neither of these types of dental accountants is going to give you the high caliber service you’ll get from a firm that is well versed in tax preparation, especially for dental practices. San Diego and Uncle Sam both want their money and all of the correct paperwork that should come with it too.

How Will Your Practice Benefit From Hiring Them?

The whole point of bringing in outside help is to make things better for your practice. Some accounting firms will provide services that you won’t even consider as options before they bring it up. While this question might put some prospective firms on their heels, the right one will know and be so confident in their added value that they can tell you all the ways that your practice will benefit from hiring them in particular.

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