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We Understand Your Practice

Your dental practice is of importance, but things can take a turn quickly if you are not prepared with a tax accountant. But, you shouldn’t trust your practice to the first tax accountant company that you see. Instead, trust OnTrack Financial to provide the expertise and experience that your dental practice needs.

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Dental Accounting Can Get Tricky

A dental practice has many moving pieces and all of them effect the financial status of the office. Payroll, tax returns, profitability, and cash flow are all critical in a dental operation. Our reporting and consulting will guide your decisions.

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We Monitor Your Practice For You

We have accountants on hand who will provide the bookkeeping service that keeps your dental practice afloat and in order. Our bookkeeping service is designed to help you save time and money while reducing the stress in your life.


OnTrack Financial offers comprehensive dental accounting solutions from expert tax accountants who share a goal of financially securing your practice. We assist dental practice owners throughout the United States, working diligently to save your practice time and money. This leaves you with more time to help your practice grow and more money to take the necessary steps to that growth.

Exactly what does our firm offer? We offer bookkeeping service, have a tax accountant on hand, offer tax planning service, offer tax advice, and ensure that you are up-to-date with all of your financial records. If you aren’t yet convinced that a bookkeeper is vital to your success, wait until you get on the wrong side with the IRS! Our accountants offer bookkeeping service that reduces this worry.


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“I wish I had found OnTrack Financial a long time ago. They have been a great help to me and my practice for the last three years. There detailed knowledge of expenses, remuneration, and cash flow in dentistry makes us save money on taxes every year. They are very accessible and able to provide constructive input to improve cash flow. There considerable experience with other dental practices provides a sound basis to evaluate how my practice is performing as the different categories of revenue and expense are compared to other practices on average in the area. “

– Megan Jones, DDS

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“I have two private dental offices, one for the past 13 years and another dental pediatric office since last year. For both of my offices, I have OnTrack Financial doing my accounting and I have never been more relaxed and at ease on how they handle everything for both offices. All account information is organized in a way that nothing is ever missed. OnTrack Financial is also great for giving pointers and tips on how to manage expenses and where I can cut costs. I am very pleased with their work and I highly recommend them to all dentists.”

– Fred Compass, DDS, MBA

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“When you are running a dental practice, there are tons of other issues to be addressed besides organizing receipts and reconciling expenses. I was in a hot mess with my accounting for my practice until I found OnTrack Financial. They are dedicated to their work and always stays on top of my financial numbers. I felt so relieved knowing I can trust them to keep up with my numbers. I have complete confidence in recommending OnTrack Financial to any dental practice in need of accounting!”

– David Gomez, DMD

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