Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have lots of questions but these will get you started

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

Our regular office hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Although our main hours are on business days, we are occasionally in the office on the weekends, usually during tax season. We do not schedule weekend meetings. Should you need to get in touch with us, please email us.

Do I Need Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is an important aspect of business ownership for several reasons. Bookkeeping helps make preparing your business taxes easier. It is also the best way to get an idea of how much the business spends and what it earns. Having an accounting of your business’s profits and losses will help you set business goals. Businesses with an accurate, and up-to-date, set of financial records have an easier time securing lines of credit and securing a loan. Should the company undergo an IRS audit, the IRS will require accurate financial records.

Do I Need Payroll?

The IRS requires businesses that are S Corporations to operate a payroll. If you pay a person who works for your business, it is your responsibility to deduct payroll taxes. The payroll taxes are paid to the state tax agency and the IRS. You will need to file payroll reports both quarterly and annually. Outsourcing the payroll means you will leave the job to professionals who are aware of payroll rules and will ensure that your business is in compliance.

How Does The Billing Work?

When you first get started, the packages are free. During this period, we would like to get to know you and let you try out packages before we start billing. When you decide on the package that works for your situation, we will send you a form to get an authorization for your credit card and a business owner packaged contract. These forms let us charge your credit card, on a monthly basis. We allow you to choose your payment date. Once the payment schedule is established, you are automatically charged

How Do I Receive My Monthly Financial Work & Tax Returns?

We know that having access to your financial information when you need it is important. You will receive unlimited access to your files on Quickbooks Online. With Quickbooks, you have several reporting options that you can run whenever you want. Each month our staff will send you your financial statements. Upon completion and approval of your tax returns, you will receive copies of your final return(s) and instructions on how to file them. We will also send you mailing envelopes and copies of payment voucher.

What Type of IRS Assistance Do I Receive?

The core package will not include assistance with IRS audits or notices. However, you can add this service to your package. With the Audit Defender add-on, should you receive a notification from the IRS regarding the work we have done for you, we will respond or help you with your response and resolution. We will do this free of charge. If the IRS notice is not related to the tax work we performed for you, we can offer assistance in these situations for a reasonable rate per hour.

What Kind of Communication Is Included With the Packages?

Each package includes limited email communication. You can e-mail your accounting team once a month with your concerns or questions regarding your tax situation. If you need advice more often, sign up for our unlimited support plan. The package includes unlimited meeting phone, and email support.

Along with this service, we have a Financial Review Board that meets twice a year to review your business. In this meeting, we propose recommendations to help your business. We will send you a summary of this meeting and any recommendations.

Is The Software Included?

Your package will not include the software system. However, you can add it on later.

Do You E-file My Tax Returns?

Yes. In most situations, we do file tax returns electronically. Should we need to send in a paper return, we will tell you. We will also send you physical copies of the return with instructions.

Do Your Accountants Travel To Client Offices To Complete Accounting Work?

No. To keep out costs low, we do not offer onsite work. However, you can receive adequate support using our web portal, shared servers, and email. Using technology and strong communication, we have built a system that works for our clients.

Even though we are located in California, most of our clients are from a different state. We can successfully handle the distance by having a system that works for our clients, regardless of their location, and strong communication.

Does A IRS Enroll Agent Review Everything?

Yes. Our tax and financial accountants are responsible for the majority of the accounting work. Because of this, you will develop a close relationship with them. Before any of the work is sent to you, an IRS Enrolled Agent reviews it.

Do You Have More Questions?